Ariane Daguin

As the founder, owner and CEO of D’Artagnan, the renowned gourmet food purveyor  Ariane Daguin is often recognized as one of the mothers of the modern food culture. Born into a world of great food, her father is Chef André Daguin, and famous throughout France for his artistry with foie gras and other Gascon specialties, Ariane was adept at deboning ducks, rendering duck fat, preparing terrines and cooking game birds by the time she was ten. In addition to running D’Artagnan, developing new products, and researching ecologically responsible methods of production, Ariane published the French-language memoir D’Artagnan à New York in 2010, which chronicles her business from it's inception in the United States. Ariane is also the founding president of Les Nouvelles Mères Cuisinières, an international association of prestigious women chefs. Her many awards include One of the Best 50 Women inBusiness 2015, “Who’s Who of Food and Beverage in America,” 1994 and a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Bon Appetit magazine, 2005.