The 2018 festival will be held on September 28th-30th 

Please check back for updates throughout the year, and look out for our monthly events which can be found here.


The Milford Readers and Writers Festival aims to inspire conversations between people who love to read books and people who write them. Building on the timeless tradition of story telling and the participatory energy of book clubs, we  focus on the readers by inviting them to share their insights, queries, and responses directly with the authors.

The next festival takes place in the historic Milford Theater and at several landmark sites around town, including Grey Towers National Historic Site, the Pike County Historical Society’s Columns Museum and the Pike County Public Library.

Milford is a historic town in northeastern Pennsylvania, situated on the upper Delaware River, right near where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania meet, only 75 miles from New York City. Milford is the north gate to the 70,000-acre Delaware Water Gap National Park with its trails, waterfalls and river access. Milford is often referred to as the birthplace of the American Conservation Movement.